Presidential Kissin’ Time

Duncan Arbour Duncan Arbour 03 October, 2008 11:16:AM

Back in Spring we were lucky enough to get to hang out with the guys at LBi Syrup in NYC. A great time was had by all, (naturally), but the highlight was being there just after the team had launched

We looked briefly at the project back in LBiQ 2, but the recap (if you’re unaware of it) goes a little like this: inspired by Obama, of the Black Eyed Peas put out the “yeswecansong“, (part of what Jeff Howe referred to the other night as the first ‘crowdsourcing’ of a presidential candidate).

Then, film makers (and part of the extended Syrup family) Jesse Dylan and Mike Jurkovac, made a video for the song and realised that it needed more of a destination site than simply views on YouTube - so Syrup had literally a fortnight to put something together.

The resulting is simply brilliant, something recognised the other week in the 38th annual Creativity Awards which awarded Syrup with both a Platinum and a Gold award. The first of many to come, I’d suggest.

Anyway - this is all just filler to get to the main point, the fact that there really is nothing at all that my teenage hero (and most cash-obsessed man in rock) Gene Simmons of KISS won’t try to make money from.

Yes, now the band’s already etiolated brand over-extends itself yet again - this time with presidential “Vote of shut the f*ck up” t-shirts. Bizarrely, though, both the Obama and McCain shirts feature the candidates in Paul Stanley’s ‘Starchild’ make-up.  (I’ve obviously ordered the Obama version, btw).

Surely there’s a missed opportunity for (in the spirit of Chuck Klosterman) a better line up?

- Obama: Starchild

- McCain: The Demon

- Biden: Catman (always the most inconsequential and easily replaceable)

- Palin: Space Ace (not the brightest in the world… Sorry Ace, still love you, but…)

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