Ding, dong, a Revolution gong

Simon Gill Dr Gill 10 April, 2009 17:21:PM

Generation Green picked up the Revolution B2B Award at the Revolution Awards. It’s taken me this long to remember where I left the award after one too many bottles of celebratory champagne…

We’re stoked and chuffed to see our hard work, commitment and enjoyment be rewarded. It’s great piece of work and we all had a lot of fun doing it.

Starting a ripple effect
In the beginning of 2008, British Gas wanted to start a ripple effect in tackling sustainable issues from the ground up. Through its new Generation Green programme it decided to target and empower kids to create a new movement. Having noticed how children would practise new skills through playing games online. We decided to introduce a good vs evil online game – which pitted good, clean, green living against evil, wasteful, archaic environmental disregard.

On the side of good, we have the eco-rangers, headed by Professor Green and his super-smart assistant J0b0t. They are pitted against Baron Fossilosis who has turned humans into mindless, energy guzzling wasters. The eco-rangers are charged with rescuing Fossil Island from destruction through their own sustainable actions.

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